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Admission into SOD

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The school is meant for every born again and Spirit -filled believer irrespective of denomination, educational level, job status, sex etc; who is willing to be a member of the Last Days Army of the Lord


There is always a period of examination at the end of each part during which the disciples are examined in written papers covering the three course and attendance. The disciple is also judged by his/her ability to bring others into the school. Based on the performance in the examinat ion, students are promoted to the next class.


The teachings and training are free of charge as the Lord provides. However for registration, examination materials, stationaries and re production of lecture materials, students are required to pay as follows:-

1. Registration fee for the whole course, £20 [with I.D card]
2. Tuition: £350 - per trainee

All fees payable by cash, cheque, bank draft or postal order, to CRBC If sending cash, it must be delivered in person or by recorded delivery.

Please do not send coins or cash by post.


The training at each centre runs from 10 am to 4 pm on the appointed Saturday for your centre.

Lateness is not tolerated in the School of Disciples and the appropriate etiquette and all essential protocols MUST be observed during lessons

The programme has been designed with maximal flexibility so that each centre commences training at a different time in the cycle. For example, although the academic year commences in November some centres commence their first year in June. Also whilst some centres hold their lessons on the FIRST Saturday of the month, others may choose the second or other Saturday of the month.

However no one can conclude the programme in less than the mandatory one year for the ADP.

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