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The Christian church (eclesia) has forever been involved in conflict with the kingdom of darkness. The nature of this struggle which is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places has sometimes been misunderstood by adherents and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, partly because the Church relying on the faithfulness of God, has always triumphed. But in the main many Christians have not been sufficiently aware to appreciate the nature of the struggle let alone the resources at the disposal of every foot soldier of the cross.

Yet the Church has consistently prevailed but often at a high cost to the body of Christ. Even so the enemy is relentless in its determination to steal, to kill and to destroy!


Goals of the School of Disciples

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Ultimate Goal

  • To make believers (i.e. members and non members of Redeemed Christian Church of God) in the whole world trained disciples of Jesus Christ.

Intermediate Goal

  • To make members and non members of Redeemed Christian Church of God in UK and Ireland trained disciples.


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