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Our Curriculum

The School of Disciples is a place where a Christian learns how to be a Disciple. Three main subjects are studied and each one has its code to identify it.

These are:

  • The Disciple (Know Yourself)
  • The Enemy (Know Your Enemy)
  • The Weapons of our Warfare


At the end of the Discipleship programme, you will become a well trained disciple

  • You will know how to follow Jesus Christ correctly
  • You will know who your enemy is
  • You will discover your weapons of warfare and how to use them
  • And then you will learn effective leadership qualities



The A.D.P is a one year intensive special programme. The purpose of this programme is to train resource persons who will become teachers and co-ordinators in the various centres of School Disciples within and outside the country. This programme is run for 10 month s (1 weekend a month).

The subjects are further sub-divided into topics on yearly basis.


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