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Your gift could help someone on their journey to growing as a disciple. Your donations contribute towards sponsoring the enrolment of passionate disciples on the course. Consider a one-off gift or a monthly donation. Thank you for your generosity.

Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19) and so every disciple ought to be involved in the process of making other disciples.

Every disciple should engage in:

1. Actively sharing their faith with others; 2. Walking alongside new believers with the intention of helping them in their walk with God

You can support other believers by sponsoring them through a course such as the School of Disciples.

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Organisational Mobilisation

We are supported by prolific teachers, coaches and operational staff who serve the students on their journey of discipleship. The School of Disciples cannot run without them, and, as key assets, they maintain the effective stewardship and governance of our people and resources.

Global Evangelical Outreach

At the heart of SOD’s vision is the equipping of saints to be disciples who make disciples. SOD partners with various organisations in advancing the good news of the Gospel and your generosity will aid in furthering the work SOD carries out in spreading the Gospel to souls yet unreached, through the school and beyond.

Sponsor students

Your gift can help sponsor a student on the SOD course, which will cover all expenses and get them started on the greatest journey yet to be embarked on, as an effective disciple of Jesus Christ. School of Disciples Online


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