Transformation Stories


Read Stories from our Alumni.

Esesua Hughes

My parents sent me from Nigeria to Queen’s University, Belfast for a Masters degree which eventually resulted in obtaining a Doctorate degree. I came to Belfast as a lost, quite purposeless and very confused Christian, battling with anger issues, constant fear and anxiety, introversion and an immense lack of confidence. I was quite satisfied with my many weaknesses and didn’t know that the scripture “His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses” would be fulfilled in my life.
I found Place of Victory for all Nations Church and slowly started to integrate into the very loving community. As God was mindful of me, He sent a friend who introduced me to the School of Disciples course, which I began.
As I grew in the Word of the Lord every week of the power packed course, I and the people around me slowly began to see changes in my personality…. positive changes. I got upset less, worried less, interacted a little bit more and even started to confidently share Christ to those around me.
I began to understand who I was in Christ, the enemy’s role in the weaknesses I suffered from, and how to fight off his manipulations. I was given the tools to allow God’s redemptive work to be made manifest in my life.
Because of the School of Disciples course, I have returned to Nigeria a happier woman and a more grounded disciple of Christ. I’ve returned with purpose, confidence, knowing that God loves me, empowers me and has made me whole. I now know that the devil and his manipulations over my life can be defeated. Anger has no hold on me. Fear, anxiety, timidity have no place in my life. I have come back victorious, like the golden eagle, to perform

Emmanuel Olatokun

People often say that knowledge is power, which of course is absolutely true, however, I believe knowledge becomes power only when it is applied accurately. Being born into a Christian home sometimes blurs the lines between pseudo-Christianity and genuine Christianity, because so many live on the assumption that as long as I go to church and routinely have morning devotions with my family, that’s all there is to being a Christian. Little did I realise that being a Christian is beyond routines and being born into a Christian home. I came to the realisation that it is about having a fellowship relationship with your Heavenly Father.
In this 21st century generation, the lines have become blurred, patterns have become watered down, ancient landmarks are no longer the guiding principles, and being born again is more of a cliche than a true encounter. I have often found myself lost within these blurred boundaries where, one day, I am on fire for God and the next, I am dining at the table of immorality.
My struggle with spiritual instability and cravings for the deeds of the flesh took its toll on me to the point that my reality became as one who gave up on “the Christianity thing” and decided to fully participate at the table of immorality. However, despite my decision to fully serve the deeds of immorality, the love of the Father never gave up on me. The song “Reckless love” written by Cory Asbury was a typical reflection and representation of my entire life.
Jesus chased me down, found me, left the 99, and while my struggle against sin was still eminent, Jesus never left me nor deserted me. At this point in my life, I became hungry for more of God, it seemed a well of hunger had been dug deep in my spirit that I began to crave, thirst, hunger and pursue the things of the Spirit. It was in my quest to know God more that I got introduced to the School of the Bible (SOD)
SOD became to me a place where I could acquire knowledge about my identity in Christ, who my enemy truly is and what the weapons of my warfare are. The beauty of SOD is that it allows you to challenge conventional and stereotypical thinking, especially those founded on traditions rather than on Kingdom principles and culture. I had the opportunity to learn with other hungry brothers and sisters and share knowledge of the Word and individual encounters with Jesus. My life has never been the same since my encounter with the SOD. The teachers are seasoned, learned, articulate, knowledge-banks of the Word of God, not only academically but also spiritually. I believe they were carefully handpicked by the Spirit of God.

Marta Aluko

I gave my life to Jesus in May 2015 and my interesting journey with Him began. The following year, there was an announcement in my local church to enrol for the School of Disciples, which I declined, thinking I was too young in my Christian faith and that I did not know the Bible as much. I decided to postpone it. Years went by and I still did not think I was ready, until January 2020 when I felt God calling me into ministry.
I spoke with my Pastor and subsequently enrolled on the course. It was the best decision of my life! Through the School of Disciples, I have grown and matured greatly in my faith, discovered so much about myself and learnt how to pray effectively and with authority. Most importantly, I now know how to live a life that pleases God. You don’t need to have been a Christian for a long time or know the Bible inside-out to fulfil God’s purpose and plan for your life.
All we need is an open mind and a loving heart as we humble ourselves and learn at the Lord’s feet.
I would like to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the Principal and the Vice-Principal of the School and to all the teachers who took time to explain and pass on their knowledge to us, impacting our lives for good. God bless you all.

Michael Isichei

The School was rigorous, as I expected it to be, based on testimonials that I had heard. Over the course of several months I was stretched physically and spiritually. Physically, in that I and my peers listened attentively and contributed to classes, which took place for a number of hours.
Spiritually, in that each time we covered a topic, I felt challenged to pray and study the bible more, so that I could experience the dimensions in God that we were learning about.
As I went through the school it was apparent that discipleship is a very intentional process and that nobody becomes an effective disciple of Jesus Christ accidently. The Apostle Paul, in Philippians 2:12-15 stated that mature believers ought to continuously press on in Christ until we reach the end of the race that has been set before us. I value every lesson, contribution, and minute spent reading each of the 10 manuals because they were all opportunities to press on in Christ.
Having gone through the School of Disciples, I can testify that my relationship with Jesus Christ has become deeper. My relationship with the Holy Spirit, who knows the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10), has become more intimate. I’m hearing Him more, listening to Him more and submitting to Him more than ever before. The School of Disciples will equip you with the understanding that you need to become an effective disciple of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
If you want to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and become an excellent representative of God’s kingdom, the School of Disciples is the school for you. It provides a strong foundation upon which you can build, as you continue in Christ’s unending school of discipleship.

Naomi Isichei

While enrolled in the School of Disciples I received sound biblical training and developed a deeper hunger for God. I enrolled in the school because I wanted to challenge myself. Upon enrolling, I certainly was challenged! Each lesson presented an opportunity to move far beyond the surface and develop a deeper understanding of myself as a child of God and disciple of Jesus Christ, my adversary, and the weapons of my warfare.

The teachers were well versed on the topics that they taught and created a conducive atmosphere for students to ask open and honest questions. All students were given the opportunity to make contributions during class and also to respectively challenge one another. I believe that this encouraged students to engage in a more thorough study and application of the word of God and the content in our manuals.

The School of Disciples is not only about the dissemination of excellent bible based content but it’s also about impartation of the Spirit of God. Therefore, an important part of the experience was prayer. I valued the opportunity to pray at the end of several lessons and call upon the name of the Lord concerning the things that we had just learned. The School of Disciples taught me to be intentional about my prayer life. I soon saw that communicating with God consistently throughout the day would help me to grow spiritually.

Through the School of Disciples, God taught me what it looks like to pursue Him on a daily basis. As I intentionally pursued God each day, I saw myself grow. I became more proactive and persistent in reading and studying the bible and much more patient and willing to wait on God. When you love someone deeply your desire is to communicate with them frequently and put a smile on their face . 

The School of Disciples ignited within me a desire to maintain fellowship with God and to please Him. The School helped me to draw closer to God. I would recommend the School of Disciples to all followers of Christ.